Non-profit Organization for
Travelling  promotion and sustainable Tourism in Georgia

Our missions

Event planning

Travel fairs, meetings for travelers, photo exhibitions, film or documentary screenings, gastronomic or musical evenings … We organize events that showcase Georgia’s cultural and tourist attractions!

Creation of multimedia supports

Websites and blogs, photo exhibition, video documentaries, blog articles or magazines … Our communication professionals concoct modern and fun tools to promote Georgia in France and Europe!

Supporting projects

Our main goal? Create and support projects that promote tourism that respects the culture, heritage and environment of Georgia, while creating an ethical social and economic activity in the country!

Exclusive news from the organization 

Hello Georgia, the movie !!!

Three members of the association worked several months on the project to create a documentary film on Georgia!

In the midst of dozens of dusty reports seen on television, which show Georgia as a country struggling to break out of its passive Soviet history , these 3 travel enthusiasts and communication professionals take on the challenge of showing another face of this country A modern and dynamic vision of a small country that has nothing to envy to this Europe of which it tries to get closer , Through its unique landscapes of course but also through the portraits of those who devote a surprising energy to the economic and social development of their country, while maintaining the strong traditions of Georgia! …

The shooting will take place from May 10 to 21, 2019, from east to west, from the Black Sea coast to the semi-desert plateaus of the border with Azerbaijan, passing through the high peaks of the Caucasus and the bubbling cities of the country !!

Our projects and realizations

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  • Film-video
  • Photo Exhibition
  • Project accompaniment
  • Travelers meetings
  • Websites

Our partners

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