Do you know Georgia ?

We went to meet the French to find out if they know Georgia. We asked them what pictures of the symbols of Georgia reminded them without giving them the reason for the interview … Here is the result; ) Short interviews where we showed them, without speaking to them before the project, images of some symbols of Georgia (Georgian flag, Khinkalis, Georgian writing, Mestia and Tbilisi) to know what it evoked them …

The video, also shared on our facebook page, was a great success for the communication of our project. In just 4 days, she reached more than 4000 people, been seen more than 1300 times (30% of those reached), received more than 200 comments or likes (5% of those reached) !!!

Many thanks again to all the people who played the interview game, to our great film crew, to the places that welcomed us for the shoot (Café de la Table Ronde, Café de la Mairie and Restaurant La Tête à la l’Envers) and of course to all our faithful readers and supporters !!!