Hello Georgia, the film

In a few words

A multimedia trip to discover Georgia

Going to Georgia in the spring of 2019 and discovering this country that is still poorly known by most people and travelers, here is the initial project that drives us.We are 3 friends and professionals in the field of communication, Gil, Nicolas and Sinan, to embark on this exciting journey .Our common point : a passion for travels and the desire to share. And should we make beautiful discoveries, we might as well show them to the greatest number!

Travel Dates:

Spring 2019 (May 10 to 21, 2019)

The detailed program of our shooting is online !

Detailed program and itinerary

Who are we ?

If our common points are travelling and sharing, we have also been driven to working together by our individual fields of competence.

We have namely worked together within the team of ‘Communication Photographers’ at the Grand Bivouac festival, as well as the organisation and setting up of various travel-centered events (Café Voyage Grenoble, Festival Rues du Voyage etc…)

This complementarity is now a real asset, and it is this pooling of knowledge  that will enable us to achieve our objectives.


Web and Print designer / Creator of destination-georgie.com, bloguide.fr and photo-voyage.fr / Founder of the non profit organization Grenoble Bouge and the Café Voyage

Nicolas NÉREAU

Photographer and videographer / creator of Oya, communication agency / Resident of the Villa du Grand Bivouac in 2015 / Author of the book of photographs “Skrei – Pêcheurs des hautes latitudes”

Sinan IMRE

News Editor for different news sites / Co-author of scenarios

Our approach

Gil, in love with Georgia for 10 years, is the initiator of this trip and acts as a guide. Nicolas, photographer and videographer, is responsible for showing the country in his most sincere profile. As for Sinan, he’s our scribe, and it’s his pen that retraces our adventure.

Welcome to this beautiful story, welcome to Georgia.

Beyond simply « showing » a country, our desire is to draw a portrait of this destination, exploring its many facets. While it seems obvious that we need to present the practical and factual aspects of Georgian tourism, we also want to meet the inhabitants who make up Georgia today.

Program outline

  • December 1 to 15, 2018: Locating Phases in Georgia
  • January-March 2019: Searching for partnerships and locations
  • From May 11 to 21, 2019: Film making and creation of photographic and editorial material.
  • June 2019: Photo editing and setting up the exhibitionJune 2019: First exhibition scheduled at the Voyageurs du Monde agency in Grenoble
  • July-August 2019: Film editing and book writing
  • September 2019: Publishing and distribution of the book
  • From October to December 2019: Distribution of the film in festivals

Theoretical objectives

  • Getting to know the country, its culture, history and current life
  • Meeting the people of Georgia, and discover their look on the country
  • Highlighting the dynamic development of tourism in Georgia
  • Identifying and value innovative tourism and economic initiatives
  • Gathering practical information for organizing trips to Georgia

Technical objectives

The main goal of this adventure is to helping the greatest numbers discover Georgia . To this end, we will use different medias, relying on our complementary skills.

Realization of video spots

On different themes (practical travel, nightlife, culture, lifestyle ...), through the targeted interview of inhabitants on these themes. These videos will be shown on YouTube as we travel.

Travel movie realization

52 minutes format and created from these videos, it will be broadcast during public screenings and in various Travel festivals.

Faces of Georgia - photo exhibition

highlighting the diversity of the country through the interviews and the contents collected during our trip (photographs, texts and videos) which will be broadcast in places of exhibitions and Travel festivals.

Photo-Book publishing

Linked to the exhibition, it will allow us to keep a lasting record of this project.

Setting up of a multimedia database

For tourism professionals

Actual partners

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